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Around the World in 70 Days

The Dins are leaving once again for their Summer world tour, and we want to see YOU at one of our many concerts and performances! Here is a list of all of our tour stops for the coming summer:

  • Boston (June 9)
  • London (June 10-15)
  • Switzerland (June 15-17)
  • Saarland (June 17-21)
  • Luxembourg (June 21-24)
  • Paris (June 24-27)
  • Austria (June 27-30)
  • Slovenia (June 30-July 3)
  • Serbia (July 3-6)
  • Free time (July 6-9)
  • Hong Kong (July 10-15)
  • Bangkok (July 15-19)
  • Seoul (July 19-23)
  • Osaka (July 23-27)
  • Kyoto (July 27-29)
  • Choshi (July 29-31)
  • Singapore (July 31-August 7)
  • Sydney (August 7-10)
  • Honolulu (August 10-15)
  • San Francisco (August 15-18)

Gone Baby Gone

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We are home now packing for what we hope will be the most epic world tour yet. If you will be in any of the following places while we’re there, be sure to let us know:

6/11-6/14: Reykjavik, Iceland
6/14-6/19: London, England
6/19-6/23: Luxembourg
6/23-6/26: Saarbrucken, Germany
6/26-6/29: Strasbourg, France
6/29-7/3: Berlin, Germany
7/3-7/6: Ljubljana, Slovenia
7/6-7/9: Cyprus
7/10-7/14: Seoul, South Korea
7/14-7/18: Shanghai, China
7/18-7/21: Hong Kong
7/21-7/24: Osaka, Japan
7/24-7/26: Tokyo, Japan
7/26-7/29: Choshi, Japan
7/29-7/30: Atsugi, Japan
7/30-8/2: Bangkok, Thailand
8/2-8/7: Singapore
8/7-8/10: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
8/10-8/13: Sydney, Australia
8/13-8/16: San Francisco, California, USA
8/16-8/18: San Diego, California, USA

Mr. Din Goes to Washington


The Dins will be spending our intersession break this January in our nation’s capital. A year late for the inauguration maybe, but just in time to sing at your concert, private party, or other function. If you would like to hire the Dins for your special event in the DC area between January 16th and 24th, please contact us at

New York, New York

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Start spreading the news. We’re getting in that Empire State of Mind. The Dins are coming to New York the weekend of December 4th-6th. We have some great performances lined up, but we are always looking to do more. If you would like to see the Dins while we’re in the Big Apple, or, even better, set a performance for the Dins, please contact us at